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ABEKING & RASMUSSEN è ad oggi uno dei principali costruttori di yacht del mondo con sede in Germania, a Lemwerder, vicino a Bremen. Fondata nel 1907 da Georg Abeking e Henry Rasmussen iniziarono con la costruzione di imbarcazioni in legno da lavoro, quindi yacht a vela e presto vennero considerati una eccellenza del settore. Successivamente iniziarono a costruire yacht a motore con dimensioni sempre più grandi e sempre ad altissimo livello .

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1907 Henry Rasmussen founded the shipyard in Lemwerder with his partner Georg Abeking, whose names the shipyard still bears up to date. He learnt boatbuilding from the very scratch and gained experience at sea as well as at various shipyards. With his legendary drawings of fast and elegant dinghy boats and cruisers, the renowned yacht skipper had the reputation of being a gifted designer. His imagination and ideas and his sense of perfectionism had a strong influence on the training and performance of his boat builders as well as on the quality of his products.


The A&R story begins with a yearning for the sea – and a certain Henry Rasmussen, known as Jimmy, who was born in Denmark in 1877. This talented child of a boat-building family pursued his vocation in Bremen, which was a shipbuilding hub at the time. In 1892, the young engineer was taken on by the famous Vulkan shipyard. In 1907, he launched the Abeking & Rasmussen yacht and boatyard in Vegesack-Lemwerder, close to Bremen. This has not created a reputation of belonging to the world's biggest shipyards but to the best – testimony to which can be found in the high-profile yachts and navy vessels that we have constructed. Although the company mainly focused on legendary sailing boats at the outset, it shifted towards motor yachts in the 1970s. Today, the shipyard is building a diverse range of customised yachts up to 100 metres, which continue to enthral customers and set new benchmarks. SITO:[1]