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Robertson and Sons Ltd.

1876 - 1980

Founded by Alexander Robertson (1851-1937) who began with small repair shop but expanded to became one the best known boat builders in the UK. Located on the River Clyde near Sandbank, Scotland. The company built many famous racing yachts including a number of English 12 meter challengers for the Americas Cup. Robertsons started building or finishing fiberglass boats on the premises in 1976, and was one of the first European builders of the ETCHELLS 22.

GRP boats

The table provides a summary of the main classes of GRP boats fitted-out (hull purchased elsewhere), or built at the yard.

Class of GRP Boat Number Some Key Names and Dates
Piper 57 Stormpiper fitted-out (1967), Hee Hoo (1977)
ETCHELL 22 49 CARAMBOLA (1974)Pinocchio (1975), Mistress (1978), Playgirl II (1980)
OHLSON 38 5 Gale fitted-out (1969), Eorsa fitted-out (1973)
Ohlson 35 1 Nyvaig fitted-out (1973)
Comfort 30 8 Casual Comfort (1976), Alicante (1979)
Bolero 25 11 Bolero 1 (1979), Bolero 11 hull-only (1980)
Bolero 35 4 Hulls only (1980)
Launches (65–35 ft) 16 Norskerry fitted-out (1969), Kempock Clyde Pilot (1978)