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HISTORY Angelique is a Nicholson 44, designed by Charles Nicholson (design no. A 227), built to Lloyds' +100 A1 by the Clare Lallow shipyard in Cowes, England, and launched in 1961. Her first owner was Sir Kenneth Norman Rudd.

Until 1969 Angelique regularly took part in the Solent regattas off the South of England, including races that are part of yachting history, including the Fastnet Race in 1961 and 1963.

In 1969 she was bought by Sir Peter Laurent Hunt, a member of the Royal Cruising Club; he had a considerable impact on her. After two seasons preparation, Sir Peter and a companion set sail on a round-the-world voyage that was eventually completed in 1993.

Nicholson 44, Angelique

In 23 years of sailing, Angelique has sailed all the world's oceans and the entire Mediterranean, but she has never returned to the Solent. Sir Peter sold her to a new owner in 1993, but she boat continued to sail throughout the Aegean and as far as the Red Sea. In 1998 she transferred to the South of France, where she started to race once again, taking part in the circuit of vintage yacht regattas in that popular part of the Mediterranean.


More than 40 years on from when she was launched, Angelique continues to sail more than 2,000 miles a year. In 1995-96 she was refitted in Turkey, including the replacement of 70 percent of the Mahogany planking on the underwater sections of the hull and the replacement of the auxiliary engine. During refit the teak deck was strengthened.

In 2000 - 2002 Angelique had a further extensive restoration at Wally Yacht Shipyard in Bizerte, Tunisia. She was practically rebuilt with the project costing ~ 120.000 €.

The last major maintenance was carried out during Spring 2008 where the Engine was totally refitted, the water system was revised (new water heater and pressurized water pump), the interiors were painted and varnished, new Alcantara upholstery fitted, new total winter cover made.

Angelique has a wide range of sails ranging from the latest Dacron variety from 2004 to some beautiful original sails by Ratsey & Lapthorn from 1961.