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Ragione sociale : Blackfin Yachts Corporation
Data fondazione : 1973
Situazione: fallito nel 1997 e rifondato nel
Tipo: costruttore
Produzione prevalente: fisherman in vetroresina da 23 a 40 piedi
Indirizzo: Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Stato: USA
Sito ufficiale:
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Blackfin Yachts were yachts created, mindful of value, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company that produced the yachts was Blackfin Yacht Corporation, which filed for bankruptcy in 1997 and eventually closed its doors. Blackfin’s manufacturing history started in 1973 with intent to build excellent offshore fishing yachts. Blackfin models ranged from the Blackfin 23 to the Blackfin 40, in styles such as flybridge, combi, and open lines. Fiberglass with the highest industry level of hand-laid laminate was chosen for Blackfin, and the yachts were built to semi-custom specifications. The manufacturing facility for Blackfin yachts allowed quality to be standardized throughout the yacht family. Salt Shaker Marine was pleased to acquire some of the Blackfin molds and produced two Blackfin 29s in 2001.

...Blackfin fell on hard times in the late ’90s. Detroit Diesel bought out the company and sold the assets to investor Alvin Wright, who initially tried to subcontract the construction of the boats, Friedman said. His own company later built them with the supervision of Cardona, a Cuban-born American boatbuilder...

....Admirers of Blackfin might have been unaware that the boats never really went away. Blackfin Boats, which currently consists of Miami boatbuilders Jose Suarez and Gustavo Cardona and various contractors, has been quietly turning out about a dozen boats a year since 2001.....

...Cardona and Suarez have built roughly 100 Blackfins — a 27-foot center console, a 34 Open and a 34 Fisharound. The 34s are lengthened outboard-powered versions of the Blackfin 32 (originally designed by Charles Jannace as the Blackfin 31 in the mid-’70s). The company, which displayed a center console version of the 34 with triple Yamaha F300s at the Palm Beach show, has the molds for the 33 Combi and the 38, 40 and 42 Express, Suarez said. The short-term plan is to first build a modern version of the 42 Express. That boat is expected to be finished in just under two years.

Successivamente il brand è stato acquistato da SEABRING MARINE INDUSTRIES, INC.

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  • Williston,
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  • USA
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