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The first Black Watch was conceived in the fertile mind of Raymond C Hunt. Undoubtedly the worlds most famous naval architect. Raymond C Hunt was a pioneer and innovator who produced a hull design that remains unchallenged today. A sports writer describes well how the first Raymond Hunt designed vessel performed for Dick Bertram in the 196 Miami – Nassau.

It was written “The first Bertram 31 Moppie won the Miami-Nassau Race in the worst weather conditions in the event’s history, and broke the record by four days.”

After the stunning success of Bertrams Moppy Raymond Hunt and his colleagues used their famous design for Bertram, Boston Whaler, Viking, The United States Coast Guard, US Special Forces and Black Watch.

Black Watch was constructed initially in the US by the famous Ted Hood Company. The late Ted Hood produced many Black Watch boats in the USA which can be found working and playing in the rough waters off the East Coast , Florida and Bahamas in the USA. The USA moulds were purchased by the Australian Company in the 1980s and the proud tradition begun by Raymond Hunt was an inspiration to the Australian Naval Architects engaged and employed by the company. Black Watch established a reputation in the rough waters of Australia for speed, comfort and dryness. 100s of Black Watch boats can be found in marinas from Tasmania in the South to Cairns in the North and on all North, South East and West Coasts of Australia. Black Watch also sold to the US, Middle East, South Pacific, Mexico, Asia, South East Asia and remote Pacific Islands.

During the 30 years of development and growth Black Watch has added a number of successful and proven blue water models catering to an ever widening base of customers.

The Legacy began with the Black Watch 26 and Black Watch 30 models being developed from moulds initially imported from the USA.

During mid 1990 the popular Black Watch 34 was released and became Australia’s premier game boat, the ideal choice for the professional and recreational skipper. Black Watch Boats quickly became synonymous for quality, performance and superb handling of their range of brand.

Shortly after 1997 the first of the then new Black Watch 40 models were produced. Sharing a similar hull shape then that of its predecessor, the BW26 and BW30; the Black Watch 40 out performed and out classed its major competitors. 1999 saw the release of the brand new Black Watch 36. This vessel redefined the standard for its class and size of vessel. Shortly after the Black Watch 50 was released. In 2004 designed in house by our own Naval Architect the new Black Watch 28 Express was launched and due to popular demand a Flybridge verson was then released shortly after.

In 2014 after much market research three new trailer boats were designed and launched.

The first the sporty Black Watch Mark I at 17.5 ‘, then the KT 21’ Express and Bow Rider models. This was to give our customers an entry into the wonderful world of boating as well as a reasonably priced wake boat. Visit our Model pages for a preview.

Numerous dedicated people have been a part of Black Watch ‘s 30 years of operations. Their contribution is recognised and appreciated. These people known to us and know who they are have worked with Black Watch through the good and tough times contributing much effort, sweat and the occasional tears.