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Ragione sociale : DAGLESS ltd
Data fondazione : 1959
Situazione: Non attivo
Tipo: Costruttore
Produzione prevalente: Motoryacht in legno
Indirizzo: Wisbech


Stato: England
Telefono/Fax: FAX 01945 582673
Sito ufficiale:
Altri link: http://freespace.virgin.net/davan.virgin.net/
Note: Esiste tuttora una Dagless Ltd-Brigstock Road Wisbech Cambs PE13 3JJ
Google map:

Dagless Ltd Wisbech

PRODUZIONE DEI FLEUR DE LYS su vari progetti di FRANCIS JONES da 50 piedi a 98 piedi.







I thought it would be nice to find out what had happened to the Fleur de Lys that had been produced during their production run from 1960 to 1979 and how many have survived as they had such good quality hulls. Also what happened to those that did not survive.

The following are the Fleur de Lys I have heard about or come across in my travels and the details I know about them.

If you have have any objections to your boat being on this list please email me at the following address and I will delete it.

On the other hand, if you do not mind, please send me details of Fleur de Lys you know about and I will add them to the list. If any information is wrong please let me know. Email them to ladycoppelia@hotmail.co.uk please.

Name of boat Length Built Registered number Yard number Last known location On date Remarks
Aithera 62ft. 19m 1967 Salcome Sept. 2008 For sale £285,000 Network Yacht Brokers.
Almara 2 50ft. 15.2m ? Gibralter Sept. 2008 Heard about from new owner Dan Henry
ALMARIE (sister ship to Lilly Louise) 57ft. 19.2m 1961 Chichester Marina 2002 For sale at this time.
Anjom? Poole area His father bought Delmora as new. He has a 40ft Sunseeker
Appolo Duck 62ft. 19m 1964 Costa del Sol 2006 Atlas marine International yacht brokers.
Baroki 50ft 15.2m 1960 Launched 1960. 50ft. See artical in Motorboat and yachting October 1960. Was shipped to Bermuda when new
Broadsword 52ft 6" 16m Early 60's Corfu In Corfu in the early 80's
Cadabra (has also been named Midnight Sun)) 85ft 26m 1970 Croatia Sep-08 She is now a charter boat based in Croatia and was refitted in 2005.
Captain Hornblower (originaly named Joyce Juliet) 56ft. 17m 1975
CENTAURA 79ft. 24m 1969 34 South of france July 2007 For sale 540,000 euro. In Camper Nicolsons selection of charter yachts.
Cleopatra 52ft 6" 16m 1962 Greece July 2007 Lying in Khios marina looking sad.
Colinga 80ft. 24m Captained at one time by Barry Piggin.
Deborha 73ft 22m Southampton Sept. 2008 For Sale £298,000 Network Yacht Brokers.
Delfin 57ft 6" 17.5m 1962? See artical in Yachting Monthly May 1962.
Delmora 52ft. 6" 16m 1965 37 Solent 1999 Yard number 37, laid down November 1964 & launched following June. 52ft 6". See artical in Classics 1991.
Fabiola ? About 1964 I have a photo of her dated about 1964. Member of P.Y.C. Registered in London
Fleur de Lys 52ft. 6" 16m 1979 27 Barcelona June 2005 Met in Andraitx. Last Fleur de Lys built and named Fleur de Lys. Built 1979 for Norman Halliwell
Glemhath 52ft 6" 16m 1963 Gibralter/Germany Febuary 2007 For sale £75,000/£110,000
Great Gull 63ft. 19.2m Dartmouth Apr . 2006
Jack Daniels 63ft. 19.2m Friends of Suzi Anna Email:- s_daniels@freecall-uk.co
Joss ( renamed Lady Lex) 63ft. 19.2m 1970 See Lady Lex for details
Joyce Juliet. (renamed Captain Hornblower) 56ft. 17m 1975 See Captain Hornblower. Built for Norman Halliwell who later owned Fleur de Lys.
Lady Adrianne 52ft 6" 16m 39 St Mawes Known about from Brian Williams & Jill & David. See http://ottermarine.co.uk/LadyA.htm
Lady Angelina 64ft 19.5m 1964 Puerto de Sabina, Formentara, Spain. Apr. 2005 Met in Aguadulce, for sale at 155,000 euro. With Apollo Duck Motor Yachts, //motoryachts.apolloduck.com
LADY COPPELIA 52ft 6" 16m 1964 305217 29 Turkey 2005
Lady carolyn (originaly Lady Kirsti then changed back to Lady Kirsti) 65 ft. 19.8m 1965 Dec. 2008
Lady Kirsty (renamed Lady Carolyn then changed back to Lady Kirsti) 65 ft. 19.8m 1965 London Dec. 2008 Yacht charter in London by Ryan Sandall
Lady lex (originaly named Joss) 63ft. 19.2m 1970 Palma May-06 May be 79 ft?
Lady of Rudding 52ft 6" 16m 1964 31 Mylor, Falmouth, England Jan-07 For sale Jan 2007. See sale details in comuter. £130,000
Lilly Louise. (sister ship to Almarie) 57ft. 17.3m 1961 Moored at Ramsgate? Owned by Reg and Lilly Neale for 40 years.
L'Odor 52ft 6" 16m Roche Bernard, Brittany
Midnight Sun (has also been named Cadabra) 26m 85ft. 1970 Croatia For sale for 485,000 euro in Nov. 2004
Misselthrush 50ft 15.2m Gibralter Mar. 2005
Orinoco 58ft. 17.6 m 1963 Barcelona, Spain Jan. 2007 For sale 115,000 euro
Pinnar 52ft 6" 16m Based at Oban
Romaris ? 52ft. 6" 16m 1966 38 Woodenships.free.fr For sale £69,500
Rosneath Star 52ft.6" 16m 1961 South of France Apr. 2005 For sale by Boat Brokers www.riverthames.co.uk for £75,000
Rossinta 52ft 6" 16m Dartmouth May 2006
SIR ANTHONY JETSOM Ambassador South of france 2006 From Souris Rose info
Souris Rose 63ft. 19.2m 1970 Palma wintering June 2005 Owned by Jill and David for 18 years. Based in Palma but returning to England for the summer for the first time.
Suzi Anna 50ft 15.2m 1960 1? Orhaniya, Turkey Apr. 2005 Seen in Marty Marina, Ohaniya, Turkey May 2004 on the Hard. 1st one built. Keel laid 1958, launchd 1960. Double diagonal iroko planking on oak, copper riveted. original BMC engines. Hull underwater covered in canvas skrim. 50 ft. For sale £80,000 Apr.2005
Telamara 90ft 27.4m Cote d' Azur & wintering in Toulon Sept. 2008 This is the largest Fleur de Lys built. On her way to Turkey. www.telamara.com
Theodora 57ft 17.4m 1962 Eufimia, Greece Aug. 2001
Vivianti Heybridge Basin 2007 info from friends of Paul & Kit. Boat sold 2001/2 and with the new owner thought to have caught fire and be total write off. SSR port of registry thought to have been transfered to Kings Lyn. Rebuilt after fire. Last seen in Heybridge Basin 2007
Yohanna 50 ft. 15.2m 1960 Dartmouth Jan. 2007 Origanlly owned by an Alister Duff who had purchased her in Malta to do his dream trip when he retired. Unfortunately he did not live to do this. Purchased from his widow, terry Duff, in Cyprus by Adrian Lever in Oct 1999. Bought by by Keith and Pauline Spann in June 2002. For sale Jan 2007 £95,000
Zeffiro Owned her for 7 years (1999), kept at Sharpness, Bristol. Peviously owned by Lees Door or a name like this
Zerlina Lefkas Canal 2001 It has lowered gunnels like Lady Coppelia
? 1964 Fastnet Yacht Brokers 2004 For sale by Fastnet Yacht Brokers for £145,000 in 2004
? 62ft. 19m 1967 West Country, England 2005 For sale for £130,000 in 2004 & £95,000 in 2005
? 64ft. 19.5m 1967 Barcelona, Spain Feb. 2007 For sale for 280,000 euro
? 57ft. 17.4m 1967 Stephen Royce Yacht Brokers www.largeyachts.com ref:253
? 52ft. 6" 16m 1967 UK Apr. 2005 Atlantique Boats www.atlantiqueboats.com £145,000