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Dick Carter was an impassioned sailor blessed with a vision and wealthy antecedents. When the new International Offshore Rule (IOR) was launched in 1968, his office was flat out, creating boats for racing sailors eager to play the newly defined game. While his staff, led by Tanton, pushed out drawings, Carter flew around the world signing clients and organizing production runs of boats to be built in Poland, Greece, and Japan. The designs flew off the boards--the Carter 37, the Carter 39, Half-Tonners, One-Tonners Ydra won the One-Ton Cup in 1973), Vendredi Treize (Jean-Yves Terlain's monster 128-foot entry in the 1972 OSTAR)--until the spike in polyester-resin prices caused by the Arab oil embargo of 1973 made the bankers carrying Carter's lines of credit blink. They cut him off. Carter Offshore drifted to a standstill.


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