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2013 02 FOREVER DE VRIES 1898.jpg
Post nomi:
Modello/Classe/Progetto: [[]]
Armo/costruzione: NAVETTA CANOA STERN
Lunghezza omologazione m: 25
Lunghezza fuori tutto m: 25
Lunghezza al galleggiamento m:
Larghezza m: 4,80
Pescaggio m: 2,30
Materiale costruzione scafo: STEEL
Materiale costruzione sovrastrutture: STEEL
Ponte/i: TEAK
Anno costruzione: 1892
Anno immatricolazione:
Refit: 2010
Progettista: W._DE_VRIES_LENTSCH
Engine model:
Disposizione :
Bandiera :
Categoria di Progettazione :
Iscrizione o numero velico :
HIN o numero chiglia:
Ormeggio: SPAGNA
For sale: YES
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For charter:
Esporta: Speciale:Esporta/



Es ist eins der ältesten noch fahrenden Motoryachten der Welt. Gebaut für König Leopold von Belgien auf der Nobelwerft De Vries Lentsch im Jahre 1892. Umfangreiche Renovierungsarbeiten in 2011. neue Navigationsgeräte, neue Elektroinstallation, neuer Generator, Überholung von Bugstrahlruder, Kompressor und neues Softstart Modul.. Rumpf & Aufbauten kompl. überarbeitet. Die Yacht wird incl. Mooring in Porto Andratx, JetSki RX 255 und Beiboot mit 20 PS Außenborder verkauft. Die Schiff ist fahrbereit und kann europaweit überführt werden. Umfangreiche Gutachten können zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

"Brave Mollie" is probably the most classic example of a historic motor-yacht that the designer was referring to, as her pedigree is impeccable. She was built in 1892 for King Leopold of Belgium according to the design of the dutch naval architect "DE Vries Lentsch". When Queen Juliana of the Netherlands commissioned her Royal Yacht, the "Piet Hein" from the same designer, "Brave Mollie" was used as the model.

Because she so perfectly epitomises the dream of that graceful era, film and television makers have used her over years. Brigitte Bardot fell in love withe her and Salvador Dali soon discovered that her gracious on board ambience provided that special inspiration to paint. Although she was designed and built in those far off days of Kings and empires, days when things were crafted and built to last she is by no means lacking in todays facilities and comfort.

Over the years, "Brave Mollie" has been constantly maintained to the highest standards and has been discreetly upgraded. In the early Nineties she spent two long years in the "Vatasa" shipyard where she was completley restored to the finest detail. The yard were dedicated to creating a synergy between the grace of the Victorian and Edwardian pst and the comforts we expect today. "Brave Mollie" is not just a historic vessel for sitting in a port to look pretty. She is a very capable blue water yacht with an impressive cruising range. "Brave Mollie" is ready to go on turning heads for the next hundred years... She is timeless.

Step aboard "Brave Mollie" today and she immediately embraces you with the richness of those elegant days. There is just something very special about this vessel. Perhaps it was something to do with the lovely lady she is supposed to have taken her name from! To explain the significance of a historic motor-yacht of "Brave Mollies" importance we felt that it would be helpful to refer to a story which has recently been doing the rounds in the yachting industry. It tells of a group of people sitting in a restaurant overlooking a marina which berthed some of the world's most exclusive superyachts. Around the table on that particular evening was a well known super-yacht designer and his team, entertaining a potential new owner. The conversation stopped as all heads turned to watch a historic motor-yacht gracefully enter the harbour entrance. The designer is reputed to have commented that no other yacht in that marina would have created the same interest. "Why"? the potential owner asked. "Because", the designer is supposed have replied, "it is almost impossible to replicate the sheer elegance, proportions and shape within the parameters demanded for the modern yacht, which has to meet the fashion requirements and state of the art of today". He went on to prdict that the true classic yacht would be sought after like gold in the future as it is timeless and unique. The story goes that his candid remakers lost the sale and the potenial owner bought a classic yacht.

Brief Technical Specification:

Original built in 1892 of iron (now steel) at the De Vries Lentsch yard, Amsterdam Holland. Designed by De Vries Lentsch; Length overall: 25m; Beam: 4,8m; draft: 2,3m; Powered by 230hp 600rpm Deutz Diesel, consuming 35 litres per hour at 10 knots; Transatlantic range. Fully equipped with all modern gear that is discreetly located and fully compatible with today's demands for comfort. It is the owner's endeavour to always maintain "Brave Mollie" in showboat condition.