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Lazy Leg - TobiasJuerg Zimmermann has been racing his 1969 40ft William Tripp yawl, Lazy Leg for years at Antigua Classics and won today’s Cannon Race, to lead Classic GRP Class B by a single point from Dr Reg Murphy’s John Alden 30, Calypso. Originally from Switzerland, Juerg Zimmerman emigrated to Canada and has been a resident in Antigua since 1999.

“Lazy Leg doesn’t like a big sea state, so the conditions so far are better for us but I would prefer a little more wind,” commented Juerg Zimmermann. “I was crewing on boats at Classics 20 years ago and I have owned my own boat for the last 18 years, this will be the 14th year I have raced with Lazy Leg. I competed in the Finn class for many years, which has produced many very good sailors such as John Bertrand. Finn sailing teaches you everything about sailing and you cannot blame anyone but yourself as it is just you in the boat. With Lazy Leg, I choose a crew that I like to sail with. I used to have a young crew but sometimes they could not get to the boat on time, so that was that! Lazy Leg was badly damaged on a reef and the former owner patched her up. When I bought her, she was in a really rough shape, but over the years I have renovated everything, including the interior and I am very happy, it is a very pleasant boat to sail.”