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Storia senza macchia.... di MARIO LA VIA dal suo sito.....

From official web site


Mario La Via was born and raised in Rome, Italy and developed a passion for yachting early in life. He spent the early part of his career in home construction before collaborating with a team of naval architects to build his first yacht in 1969 – the 18m COHETE in Anzio. Still in his mid 20s, Mario then constructed the 48m Eco Blanca in 1970 and another, a 51-meter, in 1976.

Mario’s team built one of the world’s most notable – and largest – yachts, the 87m Nabila. Launched in 1980 and now named Kingdom 5KR, this yacht was once owned by Donald Trump and remains one of the 100 largest yachts in the world. By 1979 Mario was already thinking bigger and constructed the general arrangement plan, of a 145 meter yacht, a length unheard of at the time. To this date Mario has been involved in the construction of over seven 100 + meter yachts.

For over 40 years, Mario has cultivated a reputation as a “giga yacht specialist” and has worked on the design and execution of more large yachts than anyone else in the world. His vision for the Privilege Yard, dedicated to building yachts over 100 meters, was ahead of its time even in 2008, but is now one of the world’s only – and newest - shipyards fully dedicated to the design, construction and outfitting of large, private luxury yachts up to 210 meters.