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MOD70 ocean-going trimaran

Three years of clocking up the miles and records on the world’s oceans with Maserati VOR70 have been followed by a new triple-hulled sporting chapter. In 2016, Giovanni Soldini and his team are returning to the international racing scene aboard Maserati Multi 70, a new-generation MOD70 ocean-going trimaran that flies across the waves at over 40 knots in an effortless marriage of leading-edge technology, blistering performance, reliability and safety.

Stretching 21.2 metres in length and 16.8 in the beam, Maserati Multi 70 sports a 29-metre rotating wing mast and displaces 6.3 tons. She also rises up out of the water on her foils and rudders with an unprecedented degree of stability. This reduces her wetted surface area which in turn boosts performance.

Designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (VPLP) and a former member of the Team Gitana racing stable, Maserati Multi 70 has been optimised by French designer Guillaume Verdier for the new challenges that lie in store.

Racing, training and time in the yard will all focus on shaking down and optimising the trimaran aboard which experimentation and technological development will go hand-in-glove.

Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati Multi 70 team have two stated ambitions for this new adventure: firstly, they will be chasing new sporting challenges to guarantee they continue to raise the technological and performance bar, and secondly, they’ll be using the futuristic 70’ to anticipate innovative solutions that will revolutionise the multihull world.

Maserati Multi 70 is also the first racing multihull to be fitted with the Ocean Pack, a machine capable of recording salinity, temperature, CO2 and a series of other parameters useful for oceanographic research.

At the end of a year of important transformations, the trimaran crosses the great milestone of reaching full electric mode, taking up the technological challenge of landing the combustion engine and bringing to full efficiency electric motor and batteries, solar panels and the new aerodynamic trim, and thus achieve total energy autonomy.

  • Length overall 21.2 m
  • Draft 4.5 m
  • Height above waterline 29 m
  • Upwind sail area 10 m²
  • Beam overall 16.8 m
  • Mast Rake 4°
  • Light displacement 6.3 t
  • Downwind sail area 409 m²