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  • James N. Miller & Sons
  • St.Nonance, Five
  • Scozia

Miller launches 1955.jpgMiller 1955.jpg

Boats built (from Wikipedia)

The first yacht was steam driven with a clipper bow and an overhanging stern.

Yard No Name Type Launch Notes
Boy Andrew Fishing vessel 1958
1041 Kebister 1990 For Lerwick Port Authority
1045 Loch Buie Loch class ferry 1992 For Caledonian MacBrayne
1046 Loch Tarbert Loch class ferry 1992 For Caledonian MacBrayne
Bruce's motor Fifie 1926 For Bruce family of Arbroath
Halcyone Sailing yacht 1934 Still sailing in Antwerp/Belgium
"Tresca" Sailing yacht 1937 wood made. . Still sailing 2014
Shianne yacht 1938 ex-Bethamar. Still sailing on the Thames
BLUEBIRD motor yacht 1932 For Sir Malcolm Campbell; now CHICO
Crystal W 1956
Lassiette Yacht 1947 Robert Clark design - plans held at National Maritime Museum - Keel Laid 1939 - Presently undergoing restoration on the Medway
Johan Fishing vessel 1949
Largo Law Pilot vessel 1924
Memphis Ketch 1928 For A E Holder of Totnes
MV Guide Passenger/survey vessel 1954
Nostaw 1957
Seacraig Pilot vessel 1952
Shon Mora 1956
Fortune II Fishing vessel 1958
Sunbeam 1959
Wild Venture Motor sailor 1964 For E E Marsh of Marsh & Baxter
Ëlsandra 33' Miller Fifer Ketch 1960 For Lt. Col C.P. Rigby, T.D., J.P of Whitby; now Thistle, ex Tafna
Source: National Historic Register, Lloyd's Register of Yachts (1973)