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Moonen Yachts bv

  • Graaf van Solmsweg 52F
  • 5222 BP ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • The Netherlands
  • +31 73 621 00 94


Starting point of the Moonen brand of luxury motor yachts was Rien Moonen’s philosophy of designing what he described as ‘pocket sized super yachts’ in a recognisable semi-custom set-up. He figured that he could take the models and drawings of a distinctively styled yacht to boat shows and find clients there. This was the first step to success. At Europe’s largest boat show of Boot Düsseldorf, the yard found its first client. The 69-foot steel motor yacht ‘Lady M’ was launched in 1983, first yacht of the Moonen brand. This is only two years after Rien Moonen took over the yard of the De Ruiter brothers in 1981. Moonen, at that time ready to retire from his painting business, had invested in the yard. When they went bankrupt, the only option to see some return on investment was to take over the yard and see if it could deliver decent earnings. Instead of retiring, Rien Moonen started a new career. The philosophy of building motor yachts that are defined as super yachts not in the first place because of their size, but rather because of their quality has been the yard’s guidance ever since. In the next fifteen years, the yard built over thirty fine yachts, accomplishing a strong brand identity for quality yachts. In 1998, naval architect Emile Bilterijst took over the role of managing director. He organised a friendly competition among naval architects and designers to create a semi-custom series, gracing the lines of a ‘typical Moonen’. It was René van der Velden’s design for a 72 foot yacht that won. This successful semi-custom has led to the creation of a whole line of semi-custom steel displacement yachts: with he Moonen 72 are now also the 84, 96, 97 and124. Business at Moonen yard has had its ups and downs. Just before Bilterijst took over, Rien Moonen really felt the urgency to close the yard in order to get out of the ever growing debts. And in 2001, Bilterijst was also at the verge of bankruptcy. It were the fine yachts that saved the yard. Faithful clients, dedicated clients have been willing to invest in the yard and keep it running. They always believed a yard that builds such fine yachts like theirs, must have the vitality. But the financial instability continues and in 2013 a new partner enters and in 2019 the shipyard declares bankruptcy and is bought byMATTHEW BAXTE‎‎.


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