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Contact Information Philippe Briand Ltd +44 (0)20 7373 3624 +44 (0)20 7460 3622 (fax)


Philippe Briand is chief designer with Briand Yacht Design.

Philippe Briand is passionate about boats. Born into a family where racing is a family tradition, he became an excellent helmsman, winning two world championships (the Half-Ton Cup and the One Ton Cup) during the 1980s.

His interest for yacht racing lead him to qualifying as a naval architect. He understood very early on that speed was an essential element for racing and by the time he was 11 yeras old, he was already designing his first yachts. The first boat built to his design was a Quarter Tonner, built in Spain, when he was just 16.

More than 10 000 boats have been constructed based on the design drawn up by Philippe Briand and Briand Yacht Design. Their design have been realized in France, Great Britain, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy, the United States, New Zealand & Japan.