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  • J. Ring Andersen Skibsværft
  • c/o Peter Ring-Andersen
  • Frederiksø
  • DK-5700 Svendborg
  • Tel: +45 6221 0268
  • Fax: +45 6222 4666
  • info@ring-andersen.dk
  • www.ring-andersen.dk

Cantiere fondato nel 1867 (è uno dei più antichi della Danimarca) da Jørgen Ring-Andersen.



Founded in 1867 by Jørgen Ring-Andersen, J. Ring-Andersen Skibsværft is one of the oldest wooden shipyards in Denmark. Over many years the yard has built almost 200 wooden ships, most of which are still sailing with grace today.

Ship names such as 'Lilla Dan', 'Helge', 'Activ', 'Seute Deern' and 'Carene Star' are recognised by many and characterized as classical examples of good shipbuilding. During the yard’s early years iron ships were built as well, but in order to maintain the best wooden ship traditions, the yard gradually began to concentrate solely on wooden shipbuilding and moved steal shipbuilding to a new iron shipyard, also located on Frederiksø with part of the family as co-founder.

The iron shipyard along with others was not able to keep up with world competition. But J. Ring-Andersen Skibsværft has managed, due to the art of using the good old virtues of both building and restoration work together with committed customer care, in order to survive year after year. Adaptation to the times in which one lives is the keyword to continuously being able to exist in a world of constant change – as this yard’s continuous existence shows.


J. Ring-Andersen Skibsværft of Peter Ring-Andersen today functions as a repair yard. Concentrating on restoration and maintenance of Danish vessels as well as foreign, the majority are wooden, but also a number of them are steel. The yard has two slipways and a floating dock with a capacity of up to 1,000 tonnes.

Peter Ring-Andersen, representing the fourth generation, runs the yard. Fifth generation will within a number of years take over the obligation to participate in securing the survival of wooden ships in the future.

The team of ship’s carpenters, smiths and the rest of the employees constantly work to fulfill the demands from authorities and the wishes of the ship owners, making it possible especially for the sailing ships to keep going.

Special ship repairs, which cannot be carried out by the yard, are normally made by one of Svendborgs many companies, be that a matter of ship engines, hydraulic, rigging and ship electronics.