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E' titolare di tre brand:

Founded in 2006 by Kıraça Holding, Sirena is a prominent manufacturer in the yachting and automotive sectors.

Its initial agreement with world-renowned Italian motoryacht producer Azimut-Benetti Group (which evolved ino a partnership in 2008) hasled into Sirena becoming the first yacht mass manufacturer in Turkey, with more than 250 motor yachts and 90 sailboats until now, as well as designing 2 successful Azimut models. Today, the collaboration withAzimut-Benetti continues with the manufacturing of Magellano 43 in the company’s recently expanded 155.000 square-meter facilities located in Bursa Orhangazi.
Sirena's vision is to develop world brands in Turkey, integrating thetalent of world-leading designers such as Rob Humphreys and Germán Frers, with its hard-won manufacturing expertise and considerable engineering know-how. This has led to Sirena's award-winning Azuree sailboat brand, the outstanding Euphoria luxury sailboat series and the company's newly born Sirena motor yacht.

Having discovered that its expertise can be fruitfully applied to more than yachts, Sirena has also recently expanded into producing composite and stainless items for rail systems, automotive, defense and heavy equipment sectors. The dedication to high quality and world-wide brand development that characterize the company have attracted customers from around the globe, from Europe to USA, Australia and Japan.