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Nata nel 2004 con l'acquisizione del brand SUNQUEST originariamente del cantiere COLVIC e successivamente (2000) del cantiere Lancer Laminating Ltd.

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SunQuest Motor Yachts Norway AS (SMYN) is a company located in Floroe, Norway that are building yachts in 40 and 50 feet size. SunQuest was formed in 2004. The brand SunQuest is designed and developed by the legend John Bennett.

In March 2005 we delivered our first 44 feet SunQuest in Norway.

The boat was for the first time presented for the audience and the press during the boat show in Floroe 30th of April - 1of May. She was referred to as the most beautiful lady at the show.

Our strength is quality and flexibility!

The customer can influence on how he/she wants the boat. It is also possible to buy only the mouldings at different levels of comissioning