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The Moody Legacy: An Illustrated History 1827-2005


David Moody

David Moody has carefully and lovingly researched and written the definitive history of the Moody family and its long association with boats and boat building at Swanwick on the River Hamble, from the time John Moody moved to Swanwick from Southampton in 1827, to the sale of the business of AH Moody and Son by the family in December 2005. The first part of the book narrates the history of the company and the Moody family. Part 2 will be of great interest to serious historians of yacht design and building, and to owners of Moody boats around the world. There is a chapter on each of the main types of yacht produced by the company with dimensions and photographs of a representative selection of sailing craft, from T Harrison Butler's Vindilis in 1935 to the final, single, Moody 66 built in conjunction with Halmatic in 2005.For those interested in naval craft, Chapter 16 details, with dimensions and photgraphs, all the Admiralty Craft produced by Moody during WW2 1939-45, including Fast Motor Boats (FMB) and Landing Craft (Assault) (LCA). Finally there is a catalogue of all craft built by Moody or bearing the Moody name. The book has been produced to a high standard, and copiously illustrated with well over 200 b/w photographs, and other illustrations.