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John Tyrrell & Sons.

  • Yacht and Boat Builders.
  • Arklow

Cantiere Inglese fondato nel 1864 dal progettista Irlandese JOHN TYRRELL in Arklow Irlanda, oggi ARKLOW MARINE al tempo conosciuto come TYRRELL YARD


Arklow Marine Services is a family business that has been in the Tyrrell family for over 150 years.

The family has established itself as the most experienced boat manufacturers in Ireland and has been located in Arklow since 1864. Over the years, the art of boat building has evolved through many phases, from traditional timber boat building, to steel boat building, with the latest innovation being the use of aluminium in the building of high speed vessels.

John and Billy, with their combined experience in Marine engineering and Naval Architecture, manage the business and lead a team of 20 highly skilled workers, which includes their brother Peter.


John Tyrrell & Sons. Yacht and Boat Builders. Arklow
Built Name Registration Dimensions
Michael Tracy (Tracey?), Shipbuilders, Arklow
1872 EDWARD 93x23 153G. Barquentine. Broken up 1930
1874 JOHN MORRISON 105x25 202tons Barquentine, original owner Edward Kearon;

Foundered off Wicklow Head 26 December 1925;

Query… still in Lloyds Register of 1939, still registered at Dublin, same owner, Master: J. Kearon

Canterbury, Shipbuilder, ArklowCanterbury, Shipbuilder, Arklow
1877 O'NEILL D619 50x15 25G Aux. nobby.Timothy Weadock, Arklow; BU ~ 1955
Lee Brothers, Shipbuilder, Arklow
1884 ANNA STATIA D134 33x11 10G. Renamed ANASTATIA. Fire, grounded but CTL 7/5/1948
John Tyrrell & Son Ltd
1864 SHIPWRIGHT Yard No:1
1865 ELIZABETH JANE 76G; 2-masted schooner;

Owner 1897, J Doyle;

By 1915, registered in Wexford.

Lost with all hands 27 December 1915 at Mumbles;

Photo credit: R J Scott

1869 TARTAR D 56 48x14 24G Aux ketch. Byne,Arklow. Registry closed 1968
1870 CHASE D387 33x10 13G FV
1875 MARY 56x17 41G Smack (wood). Dublin 1875//21, to Galway 1897/4;

Stranded and BU 21/12/1912

1876 QUICK STEP D320 50x14 25G Aux. nobby.O'Brien ,Arklow; Byrne ,Arklow. Registry closed ~1968
1878 ST MICHAEL D610 38x11 14G Aux. MV (Wood); John Hanlon, Arklow; Lost at sea April 1956
1879 IRISHMAN 53x15 33G. Dublin 1888/5, to Galway 1905/4;

BU approx. 1941

1886 IRISH LEADER 53x15 28G Ketch (Wood). Dublin 1888/4, to Galway 1894/1;

Wkd Nov 1926

1886 CATHERINE D301 30x9 7G FV
1887 MOUNTAIN HARE 55x15 32G Dandy (Wood). Dublin 1889/5 to Galway 1895/1;

Lost 6 Jan 1916

1887 ST VERONICA D616 52x15 30G Originally sail but by 1920 Aux dandy. Dixon, Arklow. Fire 11/1953
1889 TWO BROTHERS 54x15 30G Dandy (Wood). Motor fitted pre-1920. Dublin 1889/3, to Galway 1896/1, to Galway 1918/3
1889 ST PETER 54x15 30G Dandy (Wood). McDara O'Donnell, Galway; Dublin 1889/7, to Galway 1896/2
1889 MYSTICAL ROSE D182 54x15 31G Originally sail but by 1920 Aux. ketch Murray & Murray of Arklow
1891 FAIR PLAY 53x15 27G. Initially sail but with motor by 1920
1892 FATHER O'DONOHUE 37x12 12G Ketch (Wood). BU approx. 1914
1897 ROVING SWAN G1387 44x13 17G Nobby (Wood). BU approx. 1930
1899 ST ENDA 46x13 18G. John Gill via Congested Districts Board, John Mitchell of Arran Islands, Joseph Ridge of Carna, Mattie Giel. BU at Galway ~ 1956
1900 K.J. 85x23 96G Schooner. (builders shown as Kearon & Tyrrell) Owners Tyrrell, Tyrrell, Kearon & Rea. BU ~ 1943
1900 ST COLEMAN 38x12 11G Lugger (Wood). BU approx. 1924
1901 ST KERIN 44x13 17G Lugger (Wood). Martin Connolly, Roundstone; BU 1954
1902 EIRE NUA Built Arklow. Renamed CAPELLA
1903 EQUITY D292 Built:1889 by ?, rebuilt 1903 by Tyrrell. Renamed PIUS X
NEMO 7 tons. On yacht register of 1903
1904 EXPRESS Motor yacht;

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now B:1906 50x9 14R ?

1905 WILLIE WAG D395 45x13 17G Motor nobby. F Tyrrell to A & J Tyrrell to F & J Tyrrell. BU ~ 1958;

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now

1905 DELIA D388 47x15 18G Nobby (Wood); Galway 1906/3 to Galway 1916/2 to Dublin 1918/3. May/Rickard of Howth

Motor by 1920 BU 1930

1905 GLASSON 45x13 18G Nobby (Wood); Broke from moorings and wkd June 1930
1905 ROSALEEN D343 23x7 4G FV. BU ~ 1944
1906 LIZA D227 28x7 6G FV. Motor added 1924. To Waterford registry in 1941
1907 ELF 22 19G yacht; Owner in 1970 J E Gore-Grimes; Owner in 1973 R Killen
1907 TORMORE 50x15 18G SS (Wood). Pilcher, Letterfrack; BU approx. 1938
1907 MARY IMMACULATE D317 29x8 6G FV; Pat Kenny
1908 OVOCA D330 48x14 Carton of Balbriggan; Richardson of Balbriggan; Stopped fishing 1965; Derelict at Balbriggan; Removed 1979 and used in landfill;

Photo credit: Joe Curtis via BalbrigganHarbour.net'

1909 AGNES GREEN 37x9 9G MFV. Renamed ANTHEA by 1920
1909 HERON 41x12 16G ketch. Motor added in 1931. Croxon,?;Hare,Hertfordhsire ;Stewart,Gourock;Bayldon,Beaulieu;Hambury, Lyndhurst ;McCalmont,Kingham;Garrett,London;Kight,Sandbanks. To London registry in 1938
1910 STAR OF THE SEA D265 20x5 1G FV
1910 PRIDE OF FLASH 54x16 36G
1910 circa ST VINCENT 50 ?

Killala; Sold to England

1911 DAN O'CONNELL D146, D344 66x16 51G. Motor ketch. O'Toole/Louth/Hayman/Birthistle/O'Connor of Arklow and Wexford. O'Toole of Arklow, Spence of Dublin. Wkd pre-1956;

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now

1912 CLADDAGH KING 61x17 41G SS (Wood); Galway 1913/1 to Skibbereen 1918/?

Official No: 121009

1913 DEIRDRE 45x12 20G Aux nobby. Wickham of Rosslare, Whitton of Milford Haven, to Milford Haven registry in 1928
1913 INISHIRRER D 52 65x17 51G Steam Drifter;

D 52 Official No: 135637 (LY 922?) Registry closed 12/4/1938 having been converted to a moored HQ for Sea Scouts

1913 SANTA CRUZ D334 56x16 37G Aux ketch. James Colvin, Arklow, Doyle, Arklow, Colvin, Arklow, Hickey/Armstrongt/O'Cleris/Kavannagh, Arklow, Henry, Liverpool. Registry closed at Liverpool in 1946
1914 SAINT DYMPNA 56x16 33G Aux nobby. Kearon of Arklow, Harris of Wexford, Gill of Aran Islands. BU ~ 1940
1914 ARKLOW DEFENDER D 76 66x17 42G Aux nobby. Tyrrell/Kenny,Arklow. BU ~ 1939
1915 ST PETER D 90 24x7 4G
1916 REALT NA MARA D163 19x6 2G Owned by John, Michael & James Tyrrell. To Waterford registry in 1928
1916 circa FRANK D217 49x14 30G MFV
1916 WILLING LASS D239 44x14 22G. Aux ketch. Atchinson/Kenny of Arklow

Doyle, Arklow Kavannagh, Arklow McLaughlin, Arklow East Coast Insore Fishing Co Shiel of Rosslaire Photo credit: Larry Lane

1917 HIBERNIA 59x16 46G. MV
1918 circa BENEVOLENT D349 33x11 7G FV
1918 J.T.&S. 85x21 128G. 3-masted Motor Schooner. Tyrrell of Arklow.

Lost off Start Point in April 1960 (Fire); Photo credit: R J Scott

1920 ST EEVER 4G. James Jordan, Munsk
1920 ST NICHOLAS OF GALWAY G12 72x17 53G. SS (Wood); Burnt at sea 15/8/1934
1921 INVERMORE 98 146G. 3-masted Motor Schooner; Photo credit: R J Scott

Sold 1960 and taken to River Dart. Believed that remains can still be seen. Photo by D Griffith, Dartmouth.

1921 SEAMROG 43x14 31G yacht; Registered at Dublin in 1980, F Cagney
1922 ST SENAN 13G. John Walsh, Foynes
1925 NIRVANA 31x8 9G yacht; Original owner:- Billy Mooney. Owner in 1932 A W Mooney;

Sold to America pre-8/1933. Owner in 1934 Mrs Crimmins; Renamed 'NIVARNA OF ARKLOW' by 1970, owner A S Henderson, owner D MacIlwaine By 1975 registered at Belfast, same owner Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, from book 'To sail the crested seas' by W M Nixon Circa-2007 name reverted to'NIRVANA photograph by John Hobson, Membership Secretary, Albert Strange Association By 2012 owner Peter Clay

1926 NABRO D230 61x16 53G. Motor ketch; Official Reg No: 146424; To Liverpool registry 1941; Back on Dublin register in 1951
1927 PRIDE OF LAHORE 21x6 3G MFV. Lost 10/11/1941
1927 MOYA 65 Inspection vessel for Irish Lights. See Motorboat & Yachting Issue 3 of 1927
? SIR ROGER D191 28x5 5G. Built: Arklow
1928 REALT D383 24x7 5R
1928 CYCLONE 30x8 7R Motor cruiser.
1929 NAOMH POL D 34 30x8 6G Aux yawl. Wilde,Loughshinney. NOTE: Still showing on Dublin register in 2011
1930 ARCULA 52x13 29G Motor yacht. Earl of Meath/Honorable Brabagon of Bray. Sold to Danish owners 10/1936
1932 CONGRESS D33 30x8 MFV
1932 NAOMH LORCAN O'TUATHAIL D113 32x10 10G Motor ketch. Brosnan,Dingle. NOTE: Still showing on Dublin register in 2011
1932 NAOMH CAOIMHGHIM D150 33x10 10G Motor ketch. Plunkett,Loughshinney; Power,Kilmore Quay; Brown,Kilmore Quay; Roche,Dunmore. To Waterford registry in 1957 (NAOMH CAVIMHGHIN?)
1932 NAOMH MOIBHI D151 32x10 10G MFV. Michael O' Gorman , Keel Achill Island

Mr. Lyons,Crosshaven. Renamed 'JEAN BAPTISTE'. Photo credit:- Mr. Lyons, Crosshaven Lost in bad weather near Old head of Kinsale Cira 1995

1932 NAOMH BRIGHID D165 33x10 9G MFV at Greystones

Converted to sailing yacht by Ray Heffernan

1933 MONK 35x8 6R
1933 PRIDE OF BANTRY D291 30x9
1933 PRIDE OF HELVICK D306 32x9 Photo credit:- Tom Tobin, Waterford, c/o Waterford County Images Archive
1934 PRIDE OF ARDMORE D313 32x9
1934 PRIDE OF LEINSTER D312 33x10 8G Sold private in 2003.
1934 RICHARD D 53 32x8 4G MFV
1934 BECALM D550 33x9 6G MFV
1935 NAOMH CONALL D378 31x9 7G AMV; To Waterford registry in 1952
1935 AIDEEN 38x10 16G yacht; Original owner A W Mooney, still owner in 1947;

To Belfast registry in 1949 Registered at Toronto by 1975, W Barclay Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, from book 'To sail the crested seas' by W M Nixon

1935 NAOM FEARGUS D366 32x10 8G Motor sail. Byrne,Wexford; Blake,Kilmore Quay;Downes,Dungannon;Pennefather,Dungannon East. To Waterford registry in 1961
1936 NAOM ANTHOIN D 11 32x10 10G MFV. At Cleggan;

Vessel sank, possibly 1970's; Photo credit:- Unknown photographer, postcard, Publisher NPO Dexter Dublin (posted in 1976,)

1936 NAOM ITA D 42 33x10 10G Aux MV.
1936 FAILTHE II 35x10 12G yacht; Rev. W E Vandeleur;

Renamed 'TIDERIP' by 1970, owner M G Knight By 1975 registered at Maldon, G Nickerson

1937 MISS MURRAY D 64 32x10 7G. MFV (Renamed 'SAINT WINNIFRED') Fire 23/11/1950
1937 MAYBIRD 43x10 1937-1942 Lt. Col. WCW Hawks DSO;

Renamed 'MAYA'; 1942-1944 Major Erskine Thackery Martin DSO; 1944-1947 Mrs Maya Martin; 1947-1949 H C Devitt OBE; 1949-1971 John Denis Russell; 1971-1974/5 David CE Armstrong & Alan Barry Mill; 1974/5 -1982 Mike Sharcross; 1982-1988 Renamed 'MAYBIRD', Robin MacDiarmid; 1988-2000 Trixie Newton & Tom Naylor; 31 May 2000- owner Darryl Hughes; Photo credit: Beken (circa 1950) via Darryl Hughes

??? ??? 45 Fishing/yacht conversion
??? ??? 29 Motor sailer
1938 ARKLET 28x5 Yacht,sloop

Renamed WEAZLE by 1959

??? ??? 26 6G yacht,sloop
1938 NAOM UINSIONN D105 41x14 20G; J Gallagher,Killala, co.mayo

By 1981 Michael and Roy Davies (BS 85), Pwllheli; Photo credit:Carl Walker In 1983 Joseph B. Hampson, Oldham

1939 MAIRGEAD 26 6G yacht; renamed 'SALLY MAC' by 1973 owner P Kavanagh; In 1980 owner F Cagney
1939 WINDARD II 32x9 Yard No: 216;

9G yacht; Renamed 'WINDWARD OF ARKLOW' pre-1970 owner Mr & Mrs D'arcy Cartwright; Registered at COWES by 1980, same owner Richard Spreckley, Dartmouth By 2012 in Brittany with owner Michael CALVERT-SMITH

1940 13.2m Pilot Boat
1940 NAOM EAMONN D166 41x15 21G MFV

John Kavannagh, Arklow; Michael Kavannagh, Arklow; Peter Kenny, Arklow; William Kerry, Wicklow; Scrapped at Innisfree Island circa-1997

??? ??? 40 Yacht,cutter
1940 NAOMH SEOSAMH D172 35x11 11G MFV. ?, Arklow in 1945; John Hearne,Kilmore Quay in 1950;

Foundered 1957

1940 ST JOSEPH 38x12x4.6
1940 MANX LILY PL 34 49x15x5 Lost at Carradale 10th Jan 1945 (skipper Fran Gallagher)
1941 MANX CLOVER PL 47 49x15x5 Awaiting dismantling (2002)

Photo credit:- Mike Craine, Peel - 40+ Fishing Boat Association

1941 MANX FUSCHIA PL 46 49x15x5
1941 JOANNA MARY D214 55x17x7 Yard No: 222;

33G Howth; Francis McLoughlin, Stillorgan; East Coast Inshore Fishing Ltd, Dublin; Fastnet fisheries, Bantry; Mickey Donoghue, Bantry; To Belfast 1965; Converted to private yacht; Stephen Kehoe, New Ross; Photo credit:- Peter O'shea; Cruising in June 2007 Photo credit:- Michael Kehoe, Cashel Co. Tipperary

1941 REALT NA MARA D238 20x6 2G FV
??? ??? 30 Motor yacht
1942 ESSIE ORR B312 49x15x5 John Orr, Portavogie;

To Hartlepool HL179; H & A Noble, Peterlee; ?, Scotland (A206);Renamed 'Gallichd Millig' Photo credit:- Billy Stevenson, Cornish Heritage Site.; Converted to Motor yacht; Seen Conwy in 2016 Photo credit:- Stephen Worthington Photo credit:- Unidentified photographer, via John Moore, Listooder

1942 MANX ROSE PL 48 49x15x5 Now lying derelict at Dulas in 2017. Photo credit:- Gareth Mon Photography . Llangefni Anglesey
1942 DEIRDRE D335 ,D566 60x18x8 43G. ?, Howth;

Fastnet Fisheries; Albert Horth, Kinsale; Nicholas Kelly, Rosslaire; To Wexford in 1962; To Belfast registry 26/05/1970; Thomas Moore, Portavogie Background boat. Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, Facebook - Old Howth & Caffe Caira

1942 ???? 30 Yard No: 229:


1943 NAOMH MAUR D386 32x10x3 ? Byrne;

Tom Connors, Arklow; Peter Kenny, Arklow in 1972/73 until the 80's; Seamie Green, Arklow; Pat Dempsey, Arklow; Photo credit: Peter Kenny, Arklow

1943 MANX BELLE PL 62 49x15x5 FD188; John Pilkington, Fleetwood;

PL62 Interfish Ltd, Plymouth, Photo credit:- Stan Basnett,???; (FD298 pre-1989 ?); Retired from fishing in 1991; Photo credit:- David Durward,???

1943 HARRIET ETHEL N262 55x17x7 Sammy Teggarty, Kilkeel;

James Harris, Cloughey Photo credit: Sandra Cleary (nee Mooty), Arklow

1945 MAURA B 40x12x5
1945 BONNIE ROY B 49x15x5 Bill Forsythe, Portavogie;

To Sligo Registry SO866; Charlie Campbell, ?; Daniel O'Donnell, Derrybeg; Photographed at Kilkeel circa 1965; Photo credit:- T. McIlroy, NPO Belfast Ltd At Galway Harbour in 2006 Photo credit:- Ian Whittaker, Eyemouth

1945 ELEANOR ANNETTA B124 49x15x5 ?, Portavogie;

CT102 Bill Martin, Isle of Man; AH130 Photo credit:- Valentine Collection (Ref: JV-R4802), St Andrews University Special CollectionsB124 is boat on the right, behind B27; Renamed 'SHONA K' [photo credit Jamie Shorthouse]

1945 GIRL ANN 48x15 24G William Bates, Kilmore Quay;

John Power, Kilmore Quay

1945 GIRL BETTY N 51 49x15x5 To Dublin and renamed 'MARY JOSEPHINE' (D368);

To Wexford in 1959; (CK 118) R Pipe,Burnham on Crouch, River Crouch, Essex Renamed 'LINNET' houseboat near Portsmouth

1946 MAYFLY D129 38x12x5
1946 ELIZMAR B250 49x15x5 Yard No: 236;

Sam Cully & ?, Portavogie; CY76; Photo credit:- David Adair, Portavogie; William Rice, New Ross; To Stornoway; Sold private, and renamed 'BRIGID MARY'; Mrs. Sadd, Maldon; Paul Carter, Essex; For sale 2007

1946 GIRL MARY D 56 49x15x5 25G James Bermingham, Arklow;

Michael Bates, Kilmore Quay; Michael Campbell, Burtonport; [1966 to Fleetwood registry] (FD262) Fred Buckley, Ramsbottom; (FD262) F Buckley, Lancashire; (PL 43) M J Henley, Peel; Wrecked May 1992 at Isle of Man

1947 MYSTICAL ROSE D200 36x12 12G W Bates, Kilmore Quay;

Total loss from storm damage 16 December 1989 1947||ORIELE||B???||49x15x5||23G MV (Wood); ?, Portavogie; Photo credit:- Valentine Collection (Ref: JV-R4802), St Andrews University Special CollectionsOriele is right foreground boat.;Renamed in 1967(?) as GOLDEN ORIOLE; To Sligo (SO383) Photo credit: Killian Boyle; Charles Boyle, Arranmore; Patrick Gallagher, Dungloe, Jim Gallagher, Dungloe; Broken-up 1999 Photo credit: Killian Boyle

1947 MAIREAD D206 49x15x5 24G James McLeod, Killybegs;

Tommy Watson, Killybegs; Joseph McGuiness, Killybegs; Anglo Cold Storage Ltd; Reported sold private and now in South America Photo credit:- James Murray, Grimsby

1948 BUMBLE BEE D354 49x15x5 25G R Kearon, Arklow; John Carthy, Arklow; Thomas Power, Kilmore Quay; To Kirkcaldy registry 1964; Martin Gardner, Anstruther
1948 REALT NA MARA D 54 32x10 10G
1948 PLOUGH KY331
1948 CASAMARA D393 65x18x8 59G Jim Thompson, Dingle;

O'Driscoll,Castletown Berehaven; Southern Marine, Malahide for conversion to Trawler Yacht and sold 1965 to J Haag, Suffolk;< To Harwich registry in 1967

Still registered as yacht CASAMARA in 1980, P. Waring Photo credit:- 'James', via www.TrawlerPhotos.co.uk

1949 KINCORA 70x19x8 48G; B28 Hugh Dugdale, Portavogie;

James Moore,?;Stanley Drysdale,? To Inverness registery (INS100) in 1956

1949 MAID OF LOUGH-SHINNEY 38x12x4 Yard No: 246;

10G Motor ketch. George Carr, Lochshinney; Stephen Motherway, Ballycotton; Cyril Rowe, Myrteville; To Cork registry in 1965 (C 66) Believed removed from register 1992; For sale in 2016 Photo credit:- Patrick Irwin Main photo credit:- Shane Kavanagh

1950 TRAWN AAVANOG 38x12x4 Converted to motor yacht
1950 ERINS HOPE 50x16x6 Yard No: 248;

25G Samuel Dixon, Arklow; Photo credit:- Danny Kearon, Arklow CT97 [In 1968] David Quick, St Mary's IOM; (N95?); N197; SO514

1950 JAMES WICKHAM D98 50x16x6 Yard No: 249;

25G Raymond Wickham, Rosslare; Gerald Lewis, New Quay, Wales; To Aberystwith registry 1961; For sale 2007; Photo credit:- Ed Leckie, via Boatshed, Sussex

1950 ROS ARD D119 50x16x6 Gerard McLoughlin, Howth;

E McHall, Howth; Eamon McHale, Dublin; Teague Ward, ?; Gregory Traynor, Dublin; B595 [in 1965] Photo credit:- Kevin Rickard, Howth Alexander Shaw, Portavogie; To Belfast April 1965 To Sligo reg 1983/2 Hugh Nelson, Donaghadee; Mr. Lennon, Portavogie; SO745 [In 1983], Micheal Gallacher, Arranmore Photo credit:-Seamus Bonner, Árainn Mhór

1950 ROS CAIRBRE D124 50x16x6 25G. Thomas Byrne, Arklow;

B627 [In September 1967]; Alex Shaw, Portavogie; Photo credit:- David Adair, Portavogie Goodwin Palmer, North Down; Hugh Kirkpatrick, Portavogie; Warren Holmes, Groomsport; W173; Liam Ronayne, Helvick;

1950 VEGA W102 50x16x6 Liam (Smog) Kelly, Helvick Co Waterford ;

Photo credit:- Tom Tobin, Waterford, c/o Waterford County Images Archive Mr. Lyons,Crosshaven Vega in 1993. Broken up in 2015 in Arklow

1951 BETTY BREEN 15.2m Waterford Pilot Boat; Now privately owned and fitted with new accomodation including a change of wheelhouse

Seen at Passage East in April 2011, photo credit Stephen Kavanagh, Arklow Then and Now.; Charles Crowley,Schull

1951 CULZEAN 39x14x5 Operated at Dunure;

Sold to Campbeltown and renamed 'FLORIEN' (CN ?) ; Sold to Mallaig and renamed 'FAIR MORN' (OB ?); Renamed 'FAIR MORN' (UL27)

1951 ROS LAIRE 50x16x6 John Moore, Howth;

Photo credit:- Unidentified photographer, via Kevin Rickard, Howth; Nicholas Murphy, Dunmore East; [To Scarborough June 1969]; To Wick in 1973 as 'GIRL ANGELA' (WK130), James Plowman; Sank off Wick 9 Sept 1975

1952 HUFF OF ARKLOW 30x9 12g Yacht; Original owner R D Heard; still owner in 1962

Owners in 1970 Brittain & Sharples

1952 ROS CORR 50x16x6 Yard No: 258;

Seamus Riordan, Valentia; James Richardson, Portmagee; Malahide Shipyard; George Donnan, Portavogie; LH437 Arthur Clarkson, Dunbar [1965]; Sold out of fishing Nov 1973; Converted to trawler style cruiser and at Brighton; T. Jones by 1997, 2014, based in South of France as 'LAZY LADY of LEITH' ,photo from T. Jones. Photo credit:- Unknown photographer, via Dunbar & District History Society

1952 ROSE OF YORK 38 Yard No: 259;

8G Yacht; Designer:J.Laurent Giles, originally built for Col. Birch Owner: Anton Richard Sattler; Official Reg No: 292891; For sale 2009

1952 ROS EO D267 50x16x6 George Rogan, Lochshinney,

George Richardson, Balbriggan; To 7/134

1953 PATRICIA 38x11 Yard No: 261;

15G Pilot Boat for Limerick Harbour Commissioners. To be based at Cappa Pier, Kilrush Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now Sold to Fr. Hillary circa-1975, believed to be at Killaloe

1953 ROS ALUINN D340 50x16x6 Valentine Moore, Howth;

Photo credit:- Unidentified photographer, via Kevin Rickard, Howth {note the Tyrrell bow}; Patrick Hickey, Arklow; Richard Musarave, Tara; Francis Birne, Burtonport; James Murrin, Killybegs; Sold to Poland April 1987 Came back 1988, N390 (ROS AULINN?) Frank Zych, Ardglass; Photo credit:- Mike Craine, Peel - 40+ Fishing Boat Association; ?, Kinsale; At Kinsale, Co Cork in 2005 Photo credit:- Caitlin Ferguson-Mir [TheLizardQueen] on Flickr.com

1953 MAID OF MOURNE 38x9 12G yacht;

Designer:J.Laurent Giles Owner in 1970 F D Tughan Owners in 1975 MacNeice & Templeton; Registered at Belfast by 1980, Jevro Containers Ltd

1954 ROS BREMORE D434 50x16x6 James McLaughlin, Greencastle;

William Guildea & Robert Wemyss, Skerries; Mr. Reynolds, Balbriggan; George Brierly, Dublin; Bruce Hoskins, Arklow; Photo credit:- 'The Reynolds Family', Balbriggan

1954 MARIAN D436 60x18x8 Jim Birmingham, Arklow;

Patrick O'Neill, Howth; Declan Bates, Kilmore Quay; Charles Dooley, Ballina; Photo credit:- Paul Burke, Arklow [Thought to be the derelict vessel removed from Portmagee 2004, cut up and removed to a landfill site in North Kerry]

1954 MUIRANNA 60x18x8 James McLeod, Killybegs;

Sean Meehan,?; Sammy Scott,Horn Head; Went on fire and sank at her moorings Photo credit:- James Murray, Grimsby

1954 SINLOO OF ARKLOW 31x8 8G yacht; R De Quincey
1955 DUNLAOIRE D175 45x14x6 T Hayes,Arklow

Photo credit:- Liam Spacey,Arklow; Still in existance in 2004 at Roundstone Harbour; Photo credit:- Patsy O'Neill [Paddy Wack] on Flickr.com

1955 ARCTIC SUN 30x8 8G yacht; Owner in 1970 B M Heron; Owner in 1973 J Craig; Owner in 1980 Dr. H Nelson and registered at Caernarvon
1955 GIRL PIPPA 40 19G Yacht; Renamed 'VAGABOND' by 1970, registered at Gothenburg, owner Sten Assarson; Owner in 1973 De. Gewalt
1956 FEDERATION 30x9x3
1956 NAOMH DEARARCA D253 55x17x7 Yard No: 272;

Walsh, Valentia; Brosnam, ?; Lawrence Courtney, Tralee; Rebuilt 1988 at Baltimore; At Dingle 2002 ; Sold private July 2004 to Patrick van Munster, HollandOriginally REEN GLAS?

1956 SIOBHAN D226 60x18x8 ?, Killybegs;

John Kirwan, Clogherhead; Thomas Mulroy, Clogherhead; Photo credit:- Unidentified photographer, via The Irish Skipper

1957 GLENDALOUGH D316 56x18x7 William Clearly, Arklow;

Bates, Kilmore Quay CN291 Keith McIlroy, Kilkeel; Photo credit:- Liam Spacey, Arklow

1957 GLENMALURE D149 56x18x7 Jack Bermingham, Arklow;

Sank off Slade, Co. Wexford on 25/11/1970 Photo credit:- Liam Spacey, Arklow

1958 LOC GARMAN 38x11 15G MV (Wood); Wexford 1959/1 [Pilot vessel];

Galway 1965/1; Renamed 'LOC LURGAIN' in 1965

1958 ALPHA II 52x15 32G Pilot Boat (Newport Docks);

Transferred to Dublin Port, renamed 'CAMAC'; Sold private

1958 NAOM CIARAN 45x14x5 Cape Clear Ferry;

Renamed 'Oileán na nÉan' in 1982; Operated by Sherkin Island Ferry Service and taken out of service mid 1990's Currently (2010) at Hegarty Boatyard, Oldcourt, Baltimore being converted to houseboat by Liam Hegarty

1959 BUN BEAG 34x10x4 Lying a wreck at Killala in 2011
1959 SANTA LUCIA D 59 56x18x7 Martin Kilbane, Achill Sound;

WD177 Johnny Keaton, Kilmore Quay; Michael Ginnelly,?; Marty Patten, Clifden, Galway; Registry closed 1960 after severe hull damage. Photo credit:- James Murray, Grimsby

1959 NAOMH BRENDAIN 56x18x7 Converted to houseboat approx 2002. ; Sold to English owners. Renamed 'Dreamweaver'. For sale in 2010
1959 GIPSY MOTH III 39x10 13G Yacht; Owners in 1970 J Greville Lusty, J Nicholson; Owners in 1975, Price, Gale; Registered at Southampton by 1980, Willis & Jackson
? BELLE USK 16.8m Newport Pilot Boat
1959 SPENCER 16.8m Yard No: 284;

Newport Pilot Boat; Photo credit: Robin Craig Collection For sale

1960 BUN BROSNA 34x10x4 Lost off Innishmore L/house 1965
1960 ARD DALLAN D240 56x18x7 ?, Clogherhead;

Joe McBride, Burtonport; Denis Cavanagh, Greencastle; B323 Angus Carson, Portavogie; George Milligan & Sons, Ltd, Ardglass; Photo credit:- James Murray, Grimsby

1960 LADY MERRETT Cardiff Pilot Boat, Photo credit: Robin Craig Collection

Went to USA and was sunk in a collision at Chesapeake Bay

1961 ARD CAIRAN D311 56x18x7 Thomas Tallon, Clogherhead;

B280 John McClements, Portavogie; William Lennon , Ardglass; Bonusmix Ltd, St Annes, Lancs.; Bob Mcllwrath, Fleetwood; Renamed 'OUR CAROLE'

1961 GREYLAG OF ARKLOW 39 12G Yacht; Registered at London in 1970, Mr. Sheppard, same owner in 1980
1961 DODDER 41 Pilot Cutter for Dublin (B:1967?);

Designer:J.Laurent Giles

1962 HELEN OF HOWTH 53x13 20G Yacht; Original owner P H Greer

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, from book 'To sail the crested seas' by W M Nixon

? ???? 30x9x2.25 A clinker built rescue launch for Shannon International Airport;

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, Tyrrell Advert

? AURORA 24 Launch. 2010 owner Arklow Marine Services; Photo credit: E. Wixted, Arklow
1962 CRUISKEEN 36x11 15G Motor Sailer. Owner in 1970 and 1975, Mr. Braidwood; Registered in Belfast by 1980, Dr. D Park

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, from book 'To sail the crested seas' by W M Nixon Renamed 'SERENE II', owner N L MacDonald, Stornoway Renamed 'FRED J NOONAN', owner J Ferrari, Oban

1963 MERSEY INSPECTOR 75 Pilot Boat; Built for Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. Sold to Cambrian Sea Fishing Enterprises, Rhyl, on 1 August 1971 and to P. Bowland at Penarth in October 1974. Acquired by Aloha Ltd, Gibraltar in November 1974 and converted to a yacht. She has been sighted near Barcelona in poor condition Could it be this?

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, Tyrrell Advert

1963 THE CAUSE 30x9 10G yacht; Registered at Beaumaris in 1970, Collins, same owner in 1980
1963 HARKLOW 40x11 19G yacht; Owner in 1970 R. Heard, same owner in 1980
1963 VERVE 37 10G yacht; Original owner R P Campbell; still owner in 1970; Registered at London by 1980, Campbell & Osborne
1964 AISLING OF ARKLOW 36x11 Yard No: 296;

12G Motor Sailer. Owned in 1970 by J Tyrrell; Sold to America in 1971 Renamed 'SEA CLOUD', Owner W D Calhoun, California; new owner Darren Milman, California

1964 TJALDUR 12G Yacht; Original owner R O'Hanlon; still owner in 1968:

Registered at Beaumaris by 1980, E Doran

1964 GREEMORE 34x10x4 11G MFV
1964 REALT NA MAIDINE WT 34x10x4 Wallace, Cleggan;

Heaney, Inishturk Island; ?, Greencastle [1991]

1964 REALT NA MARA D 54 32x10 See Dublin 1964/21
1964 SHAMROCK 45 Ferry on the Lambay route;

Photo credit: Brian Leonard, via Facebook.com

1965 EILIS OF ARKLOW 36x11 Yard No: 307;15G Motor Sailer.

Registered in Beaumaris by 1965; In 1975 owner Mr & Mrs Porkess; Registered in Dublin in 1976; In 1980 owner A Hopkins; In Registered in Arklow 1989, owner B Tyrrell; In 2000 owner E. Wixted, Arklow; Photo credit: E Wixted, Arklow

1965 HIBISCUS Motor Yacht;

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now

1966 MUIR ARA D169 34x10x4 9G MFV

Photo credit:James Murray, Grimsby

1966 CANTAMAR 56 57G; Owners in 1970 Mr & Mrs Lomas, Isle of Man
1966 ?? Twin engine; Unidentified

Was for sale

1966 MUIR LAIGHAN 32x10 10G
1967 S G MARTIN Pilot Launch. Believed to have worked River Bann. Was for sale in 2007
1967 TYRRELLETTE 36x11 15G Motor Sailer. Owner in 1975, J Goodall
1967 VANDARA OF ARKLOW 36x11 15G Motor Sailer. Owner in 1970 P A Clark; Registered at Belfast by 1975, J Parkson; By 2010 owner C. McNally
1967 SKOMER 67x16
1968 BLAITHIN D502 32x10 10G MFV
1969 DERRYNAME 34x10x4
1969 BRADAIN 40x12x5
1969 PORTAIN 40x12x5
1969 REALT-NA-MARA 40x12x5 Wallace, Cleggan;

Kevin Heaney,Inishturk Island, Co.Mayo; ?, Greencastle,Co.Donegal [1991]; (SO799) ?

1969 THOMAS MCDONAGH D509 65x18x8 Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now;

Converted to schooner in 2005; Finished conversion

1970 LONE RANGER D255 40x12x5 Willie Bates;

For sale in 2007

1970 SKOMER 70ft boat built for Milford Haven Conservancy Board. 70' Harbour Launch for Milford Haven. Probably this design.
1970 BRIAN OG D531 65x18x8 Photo credit: BrianEric Barral, via Facebook.com
1971 ST NESSAN 45x13x5 Yard No: 327. Pilot boat built for Cork Harbour. Sold in 1966 to Denis Cremin and converted to liveaboad by extending the wheelhouse; Sold to Ray Heffernan, Crosshaven; Sold 2017 to Iain Scott, Dunoon
1972 CARANNDON D546 75x20x9 Gallagher, Inver

Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now

1973 SEA BRIDGER 65x18x8 Renamed DREADNOT (D573)

Photo credit: James Murray, Grimsby

1974 AMBER JENKIN Motor Launch;
1974 CARBERRY MAID Motor Yacht; It is believed that this is Carberry Maid

Possible name for owner in 2007 is Joe Dundon. Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now

1975 SHELMALIER WD 63 70x20x10 Scrapped in 2005
1975 BRIDGET CARMEL 70x20x10 On the stocks

Renamed 'SUCCESS' Lost in collision 1980 near Tuskar Rock; Photo credit: Unidentified photographer, via Facebook. Arklow Then and Now

1976 LORETTO D536 65x22 81G
1977 GLENN DARRIG 34x10x4
1977 MOHER MAID D600 34x10x4 7G
1979 MELLIFONT DA 1 61x21x9 83G; Shemus Connelly,?;Gerald Sharkey,?
1979 BRIDGET CARMEL WD 93 80x24x11 Yard No: 339 (?) (Replacement for earlier vessel?)
1980 LIFFEY Yard No: 341;

Pilot Boat for Dublin Port; For sale July 2008; Renamed 'WELLBOY' and based at Waterford as the Waterford City River Rescue

1981 ASGARD II Brigantine
1982 CARRAIG CHUIN G162 45x17x6 Thomas Connelly,Kilronan

Stephen Joyce, Kilronan Frank Docherty, Kincasslagh Arran Bay Fishing Co Ltd Photo credit:- Noel Tollman, Arklow(?)

1983 SHANNON PILOT II Pilot boat built for Limerick Harbour Commissioners operating as a Pilot Boat on the River Shannon.

Sold 2001 to Arklow Shipping Co Sold to Offshore Power Boats co. of Glasgow De-commissioned 2003 and sold

1984 SALAMANDER 54x20x8