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What is Nautipedia

If you are looking for something of the sea and boats, a name or a shipyard, a boat, a model, a port, a location on the coast, a designer, information, current or historical, even of a commercial nature, know that you have arrived in the right place: here we are talking about boating and the sea, only boating and the sea, without limitations, without ulterior motives, without political or propaganda implications, with the sole purpose of collecting and ordering information, details and stories that otherwise they could be irretrievably lost.
We call it Nautipedia, the free encyclopedia of the sea, a "cyclopean" collection of online information in which both historical and current news are transcribed.
We are collecting everything a reliable picture of past facts and situations can create, scanning books, magazines and documents that have made the history of boating, collecting testimonies and carrying out numerous researches. Boating, but above all ours nautica, is in desperate need of it because everything that does not exist in digital format in Italy has been dispersed, forgotten and often destroyed.
Today's news is collected as news and divided by sectors: nautical finance, marine, news and events, as well as the world of yachting and appears on the homepage. We believe this setting can be very useful to industry professionals and enthusiasts and we are working to offer a browser home page with all this information concentrated, easy to read and as updated and complete as possible.
Our philosophy is that every piece of news becomes, in the very moment in which it is posted, a historical, encyclopedic fact and is therefore immediately connected to other present information, historical or otherwise, which may be of interest, complementary or simply relevant.
The project
The project is just born and is almost utopian, in continuous evolution and expansion and will never be finished, nor will it ever be completely satisfactory, because there is and will always be an enormous things to add, link, deepen.
Part of the posted material (copies of photos, articles, printed media and WEB) is taken from third party publications. We always try to report the source and links as well as any signatures of the authors, hoping not to annoy too much copyright and intellectual property owners.
'We undertake to fulfill requests immediately removal of copyrighted material by their respective owners, apologizing in advance '.
If browsing Nautipedia you find what you are looking for, we are happy to have provided you with a service, but even more so if you have information, documents, photos, brochures or anything else that can complete or create from scratch a title, a category, a page, please let us know by email at '' .
You can participate directly by registering and inserting your own photos, scans of articles, drawings, documents or other.
The insertion technique is quite easy and intuitive, read the relevant paragraph (click here), but if you intend to participate with more "weight", after getting to know each other via the WEB, we will entrust you to a tutor to deepen techniques and logics.
Pleased to meet you